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When Old Otterbein Church was established in 1771, like most early churches, it had its own graveyard, or God's acre, around the church. In fact, this German congregation gave permission for the Strawberry Alley Methodist Episcopal Church to use its graveyard for its burying ground.

By 1825, 54 years after its first burial, however, it was crowded, so a piece of property was bought from Adam Welsch, a church vestryman, for $1,400. In the vicinity of what is now Washington Boulevard and Scott Street, 16 by 16-foot lots sold for $10. A section, however, was reserved for free burial for members who dues were paid.

But the cemetery, like 43 others recorded in the city, were eventually abandoned. In 1852, the vestry purchased a 70 by 90-foot lot in Western Cemetery. Well-maintained, park-like cemeteries had come into vogue. Established in 1846, Western Cemetery was near Gwyns Falls, about a mile west of the city, between the Frederick Road (now Baltimore Street) and Franklin Road (now Edmondson Avenue, just west of Poplar Grove Street.)

A Partial List of Otterbein Church Ground at Western Cemetery

Lots: Area P




08-02-1898 ACKERMAN, Anna

07-02-1900 ACKERMAN, Julius

01-24-1994 ARTHUR, John Wesley 155-P-Grave 1

06-20-1877 BINDEWALD, Catherine

07-19-1888 BURCHEIMER, George 165-P-Grave 1

02-20-1890 BASSLER, Mattheis 165-P-Grave 2

04-29-1898 BENNER, Mary

05-06-1899 BENNER, Willie

01-02-1937 BOSTON, Geraldine Loretta 157-P-Grave 1

02-04-1903 BUCKHEIMER, Amelia

04-29-1943 BRYANT, Elsie 169-P-Grave 2

12-29-1979 BRYANT, Paul 160-P-Grave 1

12-22-1952 CROSS, James O 155-P-Grave 3

06-03-1903 DRAKE, William H

09-21-1877 FREDERICK, Margaret

10-16-1877 FREY, Regina

07-29-1884 FIELDER, Charles W

07-03-1887 FIELDER, Frederick J

09-09-1973 GILL, Lillian 158-P-Grave 3

02-16-1933 GRAMMER, William 169-P-Grave 1 Bottom

09-25-1946 GRAMMER, Terry Lee 160-P-Grave 2

08-27-1952 GRAMMER, Cora Lee 169-P-Grave 1 Top

08-31-1891 JOHNSON, Infant of Rev. W.J. Johnson 164-P-Grave 3

01-30-1892 KOMM, Sophia

09-18-1882 MEAHA, Amelia

12-31-1934 MARTIN, Andrew 170-P-Grave 3

11-06-1933 MARTIN, Norma B 170-P-Grave 2

03-27-1876 PETZHOLD, A

01-06-1877 POPP, Catherine

09-07-1881 PURSLEY, Jefferson

10-16-1884 PERCLEY, Gertrude

07-21-1892 PURSLEY, Martha W

12-26-1995 SANNER, Ethel Ruth 158-P-Grave 2

11-01-1933 SCHOPPERT, Leon D 158-P-Grave 1

05-05-1940 SMITH, Emma C 159-P-Grave 1

07-03-1951 SMITH, Henry S 159-P-Grave 2

12-26-1892 STRAUSS, John

05-03-1897 STOLL, Sarah

07-30-1898 STARKLOFF, Ida

01-18-1954 THOBE, Carl T 170-P-Grave 1 Bottom

01-15-1975 THOBE, Katie E 170-P-Grave 1 Top

09-12-1902 VON HEIM, John

02-14-1875 WARNER, Mary 172-P-Grave 2

10-20-1880 WAGNER, Stillbirth of Frank 172-P

02-29-1888 WENZEL, Catherine E

04-14-1891 WENZEL, Charles

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